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California Plastering Consultants

A Division of Construction Analysis Group II

February 17, 2005

To All Future STYRO-loc® Clients:

Upon review of STYRO-loc®, it is my pleasure to personally recommend this unique anchoring system for sheet metal parapet caps.

As a Plastering Contractor (with 32 years of experience) and a Consultant to the Lath and Plastering Industry, I have had hands-on experience with plywood sheathing substrates used as an underlying support to secure parapet metal caps.

This type of anchoring system can be subject to vexations after exposure to high moisture levels leading to expansion and warping of the panels. Undoubtedly, conditions such as these, influence the quality of both the sheet metal cap and E.I.F. shape installation.

STYRO-loc® was developed to replace plywood as an anchoring system. This unique fastening component, which integrates the sheet metal cap into E.I.F. shape, eliminates the necessity for plywood and its associated problems.

STYRO-loc® demonstrated overwhelming performances and strength when subjected to testing* for negative loading and pull out capacities.

Michael S. Roberts

*Tests were conducted by Ramtech Laboratories, Inc.