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    A. Labor, Materials, and equipment necessary to install the STYRO-loc® System

    A. 03300 – Cast-in-Place Concrete
    B. 03470 - Tilt-Up Precast Concrete
    C. 04200 – Masonry Units
    D. 05400 – Cold Formed Metal Framing
    E. 06100 – Rough Carpentry
    F. 06160 – Sheathing
    G. 07240 - Exterior Insulation and Finish System
    H. 07900 – Joint Sealers
    I. 09200 – Plaster and Gypsum Board


    A. Negative Uniform Load Test
    B. Pull Out Capacity of Metal Insert
    C. Vertical Load Capacity


     A.     Architectural EPS Shape: Extruded Poly-Styrene cut into a desired shape

     B.     Metal Cap: A sheet metal item formed to fit over the parapet for protection from weather and other detrimental elements

     C.     Metal Straps: A sheet metal piece, minimum 2" x 16 gauge, attached to the STYRO-loc® used for attaching the metal cap, and reinforcing
              the STYRO-loc® system.

     D.     Adhesive: A material used to attach an Architectural EPS Shape to the substrate

     E.     Base Coat: The initial wet-state material used to embed a non metallic reinforcing mesh and encapsulate the Architectural EPS Shape

     F.     Non Metallic Reinforcing Mesh: A non metallic woven mesh used to increase the rigidity of an Architectural EPS Shape

     G.     STYRO-loc®: A specifically designed galvanized metal piece inserted into the Architectural EPS Shape

     H.     Substrate: The material to which the Architectural EPS Shape is attached

     I.     Expansion Joint: A structural separation between building elements that allows independent movement without damage to the assembly.

     J.     Wrap: The process by which the nonmetallic reinforcing mesh is utilized to protect any exposed edges of the insulation board by
in a base coat.


     A.     General: The STYRO-loc® system is designed to provide anchoring of a sheet metal cap, increase load resistance, induce rotational load
              transfer, and create architectural appeal in parapet construction

     B.     Application Methods: The STYRO-loc® system is applied directly to a structure at the construction site or directly to a panel prior to
              attachment to structure in panelized construction

     C.     Design Requirements and Limitations:

              1.     Compatible substrates with the STYRO-loc® System
                       a.     Sound, unpainted concrete, Portland Cement Plaster, brick, or masonry
              2.     Expansion Joints: Placed at all Architect/Engineer placed expansion joints throughout the structure
              3.     Terminations: Minimum 1/2" at all terminations

              4.     Sealant and backer rod

                       a.     Shall be supplied by a manufacturer approved by Foam Concepts, Inc.

                       b.     Shall be compatible with all materials that sealant will bond to

                       c.     Backer rod shall be of a closed cell type

      D.     Performance Requirements:

              1.     Negative Uniform Load Testing: Ultimate failure shall not occur under 59 psf

              2.     Pull Out Capacity of Metal Insert: When loaded from a minimum of 12 inches from any end shall ultimately fail at no less than 227 pounds, and no less
                      than 88 pounds when loaded at 1- inch from the end.

              3.     Vertical Load Testing: Ultimate failure on 12” shape shall not occur under 3200 lbs. at edges and 6330 lbs. at the interior location - see ICC report
                       # ESR 1823..

              4.     Structural Performance Test: Ultimate failure on 24” Shape shall not occur under 2963 lbs. at edges and 3181 at the interior location – see ICC report
                       # ESR 1823.

              5.     Fire Performance Test: Necessary to sustain conditions of acceptance as described in the ICC –ES Acceptance criteria for Foam Plastic (Section 4.7)


       A.     Submit under provisions of Section 01300 Submittal Procedures.

       B.     Shop Drawings: Submitted upon request.

       C.     Reports and Certificates: Copies of third party independent laboratory’s test report verifying the performance of the STYRO-loc® System submitted upon


       A.     Qualifications:

              1.     System component materials shall be manufactured or approved by Foam Concepts, Inc. and shall be distributed by the same or its authorized dealers.

              2.     Desired shapes shall bare STYRO-loc® name on ends ensuring that the metal insert slot has been inspected.

              3.     Metal Cap shall be a minimum of 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal

              4.     Metal Straps shall be a minimum of 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal

              5.     Sheet Metal Contractor knowledgeable in the proper application of the metal cap and metal straps

              6.     Base coat, adhesive, and non metallic reinforcing mesh shall be provided by Omega Products International, Inc. or equivalent manufacturer

              7.     EIFS Contractor knowledgeable in the proper application procedures of Architectural EPS Shapes

              8.     Sealant contractor experienced and competent in the installation of elastomeric construction sealant.

       B.     Mock-Ups: Produced upon request.

               1.     Prior to commencement of work, provide a mock-up for approval:

                        a.     Size suitable to represent the products to be installed and each color and texture, constructed using the same tools and techniques to be utilized
                                 on the project.

                         b.     Retain approved mock-up at job site throughout the application process.


       A.     Deliver all materials to the construction site in their originally manufactured state

       B.     Inspect the materials upon delivery to assure that specified products have been received. Report defects or discrepancies to the responsible party
               according to the contract agreement; do not use reported material for application.

       C.     Store materials in a cool, dry place, protected from weather and other damage. Do not store materials in direct contact with the ground


       A.     Existing Conditions: Access to electrical outlets, clean, potable water, and a suitable work area at the construction site throughout the application of the EIF


       A.     The installation of the STYRO-loc® System shall be coordinated with all other construction trades.



       A.     Acceptable Manufacturer: Foam Concepts, Inc.


       A.     Architectural EPS Shapes: M.V. min 1lb. Density at parapet locations EPS foam must be listed and be manufactured under a quality control program
                using a third part inspection agency

       B.     STYRO-loc®: 24 gauge metal insert placed a minimum of 2.5 inches from end of Architectural EPS Shape

       C.     Metal Cap: Minimum 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal

       D.     Metal Straps: Minimum 2 inches x 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal placed a maximum of 24 inches on center

       E.     Adhesives: Omega Drybond, Styro-Glue, Styro-Glue DM, Styro Bond, or equivalent.

       F.     Base Coat: Omega Drybond, Styro-Glue, Styro-Glue BG, Styro-Glue DM, Styro-Glue TF, or equivalent.

       G.     Sealant: Shall be installed in a timely manner



       A.     Prior to installation of STYRO-loc® System the installer shall ensure that the substrate:

              1.     Is of the same type as that listed in under Section 1.05 Design Requirements of this specification.

              2.     Shall be true, flush, and free of any irregularities within 1/4” in a 4’ radius.

              3.     Shall be sound, dry, properly abutted, and have no surface voids, projections or other discrepancies that may interfere with the application of the

        B.     Ensured that all flashing or other waterproofing materials have been properly installed.

        C.     The installer shall notify the owner and architect of any discrepancies found.


        A.     Clean the substrate to which the System is to be applied, ensuring that there are no foreign materials present.

                1.     Foreign materials include, but are not limited to, oil, dirt, dust form release agents, efflorescence, paint, wax, water repellants, moisture, frost.


        A.     Install the System in accordance to this specification

        B.     Architectural EPS Shape Application:

                1.     Wrap all areas with the appropriate nonmetallic reinforcing mesh

                2.     Apply to the substrate tightly butting all joints

                3.     Attach using an approved adhesive

                4.     ensure the Architectural EPS Shapes are true and aligned

        C.     Metal inserts shall be inserted continuous into desired Architectural EPS Shapes

        D.     Adhesive: Applied according to adhesive manufacturer's written specifications

        E.     Base Coat: Applied according to base coat manufacturer's written specifications

        F.     Metal Straps: Screw into STYRO-loc® Metal Insert and into parapet using a hex head self drilling screw (0.125 inch shank minimum)

        G.     Metal Cap: Installed according to metal cap manufacturer's written specifications

        H.     Sealant: Applied according to sealant manufacturer’s written specifications


        A.     Assume responsibility for the proper application of the STYRO-loc® System; provide written certification of workmanship relative to the substrate, system
                 materials, installation procedures, and details as requested.

        B.     If requested provide written certification from the sealant installer that the sealant and backer rod and their applications are in accordance with that of the
                 sealant manufacturer and Foam Concepts, Inc.

3.05     CLEANING

        A.     Remove any and all materials used

        B.     Clean all adjacent materials, surfaces and their work area of any excess materials produced as a result of their application



        A.     Protect the STYRO-loc® System from weather or other damage until flashings, sealants, etc. are installed.

        B.     Protect all surrounding areas and surfaces during application of the System.