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   Foam Concepts, Inc. is proud to announce a concept that has proven successful and advantageous to the E.I.F. Industry. The patented STYRO-loc® system incorporates integrated componentry with parapet applications of foam shapes. This unique fastening design enables anchoring for the sheet metal cap into the STYRO-loc® insert. The results proven to be productive and above all, cost effective.

    STYRO-loc® was developed to eliminate problematic warping associated with plywood and framing members used in conjunction with parapet treatments. This innovative self contained system will make distinctive difference when quality, accuracy and appearance are on the line. STYRO-loc® is provided with each desired shape and inserted as the shapes are installed. This process aligns the parts as the 24 gauge galvanized metal insert simply slips into the channels provided during the actual cutting.

    With the integration of this metal insert, the values of your E.I.F. shape will increase, in addition to a form fitted lock-down of the sheet metal cap. Test results by Ramtech Laboratories on STYRO-loc® design and load exceeded all expectations. Along with the Ramtech Laboratories results, we have also provided results on the expanded polystyrene.

The following are some projects as of Dec. 31, 2000 that have used STYRO-loc® with complete success:

1221 Loma Vista, Beverly Hills CA
1920 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach CA
2555 Colorado, Pasadena CA
4th and Ximeno, Long Beach CA
Airport Corp. Center, Rancho Cucamonga CA
Albertson’s, Buelton CA
Barnes & Noble, Manhatten Beach CA
Beach Commerce, Huntington Beach CA
Birch Bayview Plaza – Newport Beach CA
Blockbuster Video
Bowden Dev., Duerta CA
Brendon Theaters, Concordia CA
Bristol Farms, Los Angeles CA
Building 15 – Brea Union Plaza, Brea CA
Building D – Lake Forest
Building G, Brea CA
Building H, Brea CA
Burlington Coat, Riverside CA
Business Park, San Antonia TX
Chino Crossroads, Chino Hills CA
Civic Plaza, Newport Beach CA
Coronado Apartments, Newport Beach CA
Crown Hardware, Corona Del Mar CA
Dental Office, Corona Del Mar CA
Eagle Hardware, Chino Hills CA
Edwards Theaters, Mira Mesa CA
Fountain Valley Plaza, Fountain Valley CA
Gateway Retail Ctr, Monrovia CA
Hollywood Video, Fontana CA
Hollywood Video, Ontario CA
Hollywood Video, San Dimas CA
Hollywood Video, Grand Terrace CA
Home Base, Norwalk CA
Home Depot, Goleta CA
Home Depot, Lakewood CA
Home Depot, Santa Maria CA
Horizon’s Mrkt Place, Henderson NV
James Square
Jefferey Corp. Ctr., Irvine CA
Jon’s Market, Sunset & La Brea CA
Krispy Kreme, Orange CA
Lakewood Square, Lakewood CA
Loehmans, Long Beach CA
Lakewood Mall Buildings, Lakewood CA
Longs Drugs, Buelton CA
Longs Drugs, Henderson NV
Longs Drugs, Ventura CA
Lowes, San Clemente CA
M-5, Tustin CA
Maggianos, Costa Mesa CA
Major 3, Goleta CA
Major 4, Goleta CA
Major 5, Goleta CA
Major 6, Camino Real CA
Major 8, Camino Real CA
Major 9, Camino Real CA
Mantecca Market Place, Mantecca CA
Maran Music, San Clemente CA
Mission Ridge, Orange CA
Monrovia Cinema, Monrovia CA
Oakwood Apartments, Seal Beach CA
Oakwood Apartments, Taluca Hills CA
Oakwood Apartments, Woodland Hills CA
Office Depot, Alhambra CA
Office Max, El Toro CA
Office Max, Laguna Hills CA
Osco Drug Store, AZ
P-7, Tustin CA
Pacific Court, Irvine CA
Pad B-Gateway Town Center, Corona CA
Pad H, Norco CA
Pad H-Gateway Town Center, Corona CA
Petco, Westminster CA
Petsmart, Irvine CA
Power Center, Temecula CA
Promenade Bldgs, San Luis Obispo CA
Public Storage, Santa Clara CA
Public Storage, Santa Monica CA
Quick Lube, Aliso Viejo CA
Radisson Hotel, Anahiem CA
Ralph’s, Costa Mesa CA
Ralph’s, Lakewood CA
Ralph’s, Lancaster CA
Ralph’s, Long Beach CA
Ralph’s, Studio City CA
Regal Theaters, Foothill Ranch CA
Retail Center, Aliso Viejo CA
Rite Aid, Laguna Hills CA
Rite Aid, West Covina CA
Rite Aid, Whittier CA
S-2, Tustin CA
Saks 5th, Mission Viejo CA
San Dimas Market Place, San Dimas CA
Savon’s & Shops, Alhambra CA
Savon’s & Shops, Santa Maria CA
Savon’s, Asuza CA
Savon’s, Burbank CA
Savon’s, Chino Hills CA
Savon’s, Hollywood CA
Shops, Lake Forest CA
Shupe Law Buildings, Santa Ana CA
Sound Tower, San Bernardino CA
Sports Chalet, Chino Hills CA
Staples, Cerritos CA
Staples, Tustin CA
Stator Bros #36, San Bernardino CA
Stator Bros., 29 Palms CA
Stator Bros., El Toro CA
Stator Bros., Laguna Hills CA
Stator Bros., Loma Linda CA
Stator Bros., Redlands CA
Stator Bros., Yucaipa CA
Strouds, Long Beach CA
TGI Fridays, Yorba Linda CA
The Gateway, Monrovia CA
Triangle Corp Park, Portland OR
Tutor Time, Buena Park CA
Valu-Plus, Canoga Park CA
Von’s, Glendale CA
Walker Office Bldg. CA
Watson Bldg., Rancho Dominguez CA
Wow Store, Long Beach CA

Please call if you have any questions or require assistance with incorporating this system in on of your projects. Additional information may be found on our web site @ www.styro-loc.com. Samples and additional pamphlets available upon request.