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   This letter is to introduce the ICC-ES approved STYRO-loc® system, a unique, patented system for cost effectively anchoring sheet metal caps to parapet shapes. By incorporating integrated metal insert or inserts into the foam, STYRO-loc® creates a channel to which the sheet metal cap is securely anchored.

    General Contractors have recommended and implemented STYRO-loc® in the field because its unique fastening design eliminates problematic warping associated with plywood and framing members. You will also find it beneficial since its componentry simplifies alignment, increases the structural integrity of the foam and virtually eliminates warped cap flashing.

    When Ramtech Laboratories, Inc. conducted “Pull out Capacity Test” and “Vertical Load Capacity Tests”, this system produced astounding results (please see their June 1, 1998 report in the test results section). It was determined that the average load with STYRO-loc® can withstand before surface indentation occurs is 1,700 pounds. The average ultimate failure did not occur until the ends were subjected to 3,200 pounds and the interior was subjected to 6,330 pounds. We always had confidence in our product’s design and load capabilities, but these results have exceeded all of our expectations.                    
    Since the acceptance and usage continues so strong we continued to test the system and set up samples of 24” x 24” shapes with 3 STYRO-loc® (see diagram of samples in ESR-1823 report in the ICC report section.  We then sent them to Specialized Testing for “Structural Performance Test” and the results were similar to previous test conducted on the 12 x 18 shape with 1  STYRO-loc®. ( please see their January 22, 2007 report in the test results section).  After this test we then sent additional same size samples back to Ramtech Laboratories, Inc. for “Fire Performance Test”.  The guidelines and the criteria for the test were set by the ICC committee and we again passed. (Please see their September 23, 2008 report in the test results section).                                   
     After our extensive research and development in producing the STYRO-loc® system, we sought and obtained protection with a U.S. patent. Therefore, STYRO-loc® will become the standard for the industry since the patent covers any kind of integrated componentry.  This benefits all concerned since strict quality control ensures consistency. The STYRO-loc® stamp at the end of each shape indicates it has passed inspection. With its registered trademark, STYRO-loc® is here to stay.

    The STYRO-loc® system is available exclusively from FOAM CONCEPTS, Inc. For nearly 20 years, we have been dedicated to designing and manufacturing architectural shaped moldings for commercial, residential, and custom jobs. Let us help you incorporate the STYRO-loc® system by producing drawings or assisting in the specification of the system. Our guarantee of complete satisfaction to you will enable you to pass on the same guarantee to your clients.

    The attached literature and test results regarding FOAM CONCEPTS, Inc. and the unmatched performance of the system will provide you with useful information. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or to schedule a meeting with us to discuss how the STYRO-loc® system can be a value-added benefit to you and your projects. Also for current updated information – visit our web site at www.styro-loc.com We have the ICC ES report ESR-1823 for the STYRO-loc ® system which was issued February 1 2009 available upon request. And finally we are proud to announce that we produced in excess of 100,000 linear feet of STYRO-loc® shapes a year.

Sincerely, Steve Ross, President